We are excited to share that we have started the recruitment process for the next version of
the discipleship program in El Salvador. Class 15 is coming up and we are praying that God will
move in the hearts of the people who should join in this faith adventure.

We have eight young adults that still need sponsorships.

This is a place where students gain a deeper understanding of God's love and learn what
intimacy with Him means in every part of their lives. The only thing that can transform a person
from water to wine is the Word of God, and that is precisely what is done here. The Word is
studied verse by verse and book by book, so that the Holy Spirit can work in a personal way in
the lives of those who are willing to listen to him.




The program consists of 3 months of intensive discipleship, in which we study the chronology
of Christ (Life, ministry, passion, death and resurrection), emphasizing the teachings with
numerous tests, challenges and activities that aim to put into practice the lessons learned.
We also study some books that are not part of the chronology of Christ (Colossians, 1 John,
Song of Songs, Philemon, Revelation), but that constitute a solid foundation in our students'
knowledge of the word. We challenge ourselves in the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas,
so that we can allow the Holy Spirit, through His Word, to transform our hearts; not to mention
the value we have for daily memorization of Bible verses, a fundamental part of the program.
We are recruiting young adults between the ages of 18 and 35, who want to become radical
disciples of Jesus Christ and be passionate students of God's Word. We believe in the call of
our Lord Jesus Christ to prepare a new generation of servants, pastors, ministers of praise, etc.
That they will be willing to go anywhere and do anything for the sake of The Gospel.
The program starts on August 19 and ends on November 11.


If you would like to provide the following men and women with the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God and become the next generation to minister in their countries and communities please consider donating below. The cost of the discipleship program is $950, choose San Salvador Discipleship Sponsor in the dropdown.