The Christmas season is fully upon us! There is excitement in the air as well as a little apprehension. Excitement because all the decorations have lit the streets, even the traditional lighting of the Champs d’Elysée but there is the shadow of the new omicron variant with the hope that there won’t be a new confinement. In the midst of this, we are looking for ways to share a much greater hope, the one we’ll celebrate this month. Jesus, the Savior of the World is come and we can have eternal life! 

How do we announce this hope in our current situation? It's a question that’s on our heart. Normally we’d have a special Christmas service, and we recognize that inviting people will be quite complicated in the sanitary situation where places are limited. This being said, the interest is rising. Last week we had two people come in off the street and stay through service. We are going to try to do something new this season. We will be ordering some gift books written for non-Christians, and praying as a church for the Lord to guide us to the people He’d have us give them to. Please pray this outreach would bear fruit in all our lives, in those that step out as well as those who will receive the books. 

We also wanted to thank you for your prayers for the Marriage Workshop. It was a blessing in the lives of those who came. We saw breakthrough in a few of the more difficult situations we wrote about, although the one couple we’ve been most concerned about is still on shaky ground. Please continue to pray. This month, we are a little overbooked and it will be more of a stretch and stress to continue than not. In the meantime, we’ve learned a lot from our first try and we have some good ideas in how to move forward. Also, in the Lord’s great providence, it just so happens that Becky’s studies have lead her to the section on Biblical Counselling dealing with families and marriages! We are looking forward to using the knowledge God is giving us for the next meetings.

Another blessing this month is the elder’s and deacon’s sessions have progressed nicely. Both groups are currently going through the subject of Christology, which as it turns out is perfect for the Christmas season. Jesus, the pre-existent second person of the Godhead, taking on humanity as he was born in Bethlehem…such a beautiful subject to study! Mike has been so blessed by some of the homework he’s received. The desire of many to do well and grow in their relationship with the Lord, to become better equipped to serve him, for us has been encouraging. Please pray that this will continue and even grow. That as people are learning more, the knowledge will capture their heart and through the Spirit, set a new fire in our midst.

One last twist that we are excited about is the latest direction the women’s group is taking. Becky discovered a new way of meeting with the ladies during their lunch hour by Zoom and in person. Suddenly a new window of opportunity has opened up and the first trial came back with encouraging feedback. It was incredible to have these ladies in their cubicles with headphones on studying the Word all over the Paris Metropolitan area. Please pray that God would change these lady’s lives and encourage them to seek the Lord even in their place of work.

We hope the Lord blesses you this month and keeps you in good health. 

Love in Jesus
Mike and Becky Dente